Yeganeh Haghgoo is a London-based photographer and was born in September 1979. She developed an interest in art at a young age, and went on to study Graphic Design in 1993.

She fell in love with the creative process, but quickly realised that photography was her true passion. After obtaining her B.A. in photography in 2002, she began her career as professional photographer.

In 2012 Yeganeh made the move to London, England, in order to work as an independent photographer. She has always loved London, and believes that it has a strong pull for her.

Her experience consists of 10 years of photography and dark room work, development and printing of colour and black and white images. She currently shoots modelling, portraits, advertising, interior and industrial images for a range of corporate and individual clients.

Yeganeh uses photography as a way of expressing herself and bringing out the best in her subjects. She has worked towards defining her own style and honing her skills. With her experience in tailoring photography to the needs of her clients, she consistently produces fresh and evocative images. COMMISSIONS: